Standing: Dion Hart, Laetitia Proske, Joe Boniaszczuk, Aruna Jimmie, Glenda Robson, Jessica Naidoo

Kneeling:  Jeeva Pather, Keshnie Puckree (Absent: Leigh-Anne Guruvan & Aveshnee Manick)


Back row: Joe Boniaszczuk, Dion Hart, Laetitia Proske, Glenda Robson,

Front Row: Jeeva Pather, Aruna Jimmie, Keshnie Puckree, Jessica Naidoo ((Absent: Leigh-Anne Guruvan & Aveshnee Manick)

Park Boulevard gives back! During the month of June, local resident shoppers took advantage of the Spend & Win competition at Park Boulevard where they stood the chance to win one of the R1 000 cash prizes up for grabs. Shoppers simply had to spend R250 or more at any of the Park Boulevard stores and submit their entry via the Centre’s website. Winning couldn’t have been any easier for our lucky 10 shoppers. When asked how they felt about their win, all were super appreciative that this Durban North community shopping centre ran this competition and they look forward to spending their winnings.